What Cost Each State Obsessively Googles

Would you have guessed that Californians are obsessed with facelifts or that Indianans are particularly interested in Botox?

Fixr.com has discovered what every state searches the cost of most often using Google Autocomplete, “How much does * cost in (capitol), (state).” After taking note of the most commonly searched for goods and services per location, they created a map to represent each state’s individual search pattern.

via Fxr
via Fxr


This is a little bit embarrassing America.

Alabama: Abortion
Alaska: Gallon of Milk
Arizona: Vasectomy
Arkansas: Breast Implants
California:  Facelift
Colorado: Weed
Connecticut:  Prostitute
Delaware: DUI
Florida:  Abortion
Georgia: Taxi
Hawaii: Gas
Idaho: Liposuction
Illinois: Day Care

Indiana: Breast Implants
Iowa: Botox
Kansas: Marriage License
Kentucky:  Adopt a Child
Louisiana:  Succession
Maine: State Inspection
Maryland: DUI
Massachusetts: The T
Michigan: Liquor License
Minnesota: Taxi
Mississippi: DNA Test
Missouri: Build A House
Montana: Fishing License

Nebraska: Keg
Nevada: Prostitute
New Hampshire: Passport
New Jersey: Funeral
New Mexico: CDL
New York: Pound of Weed
North Carolina: Nose Job
North Dakota: A Minor
Ohio: Private Investigation
Oklahoma: Breast Lift
Oregon: Water
Pennsylvania: Liquor License

Rhode Island: State ID
South Carolina: Liquor License
South Dakota: Vasectomy
Tennessee: DNA Test
Texas: Nanny
Utah: Speeding Tickets
Vermont: Cord of Weed
Virginia: Facelift
Washington: Passport
West Virginia: Drill A Well
Wisconsin: Electricity
Wyoming: Keg of Beer

H/T: Fixr

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