10 Surprising Net Worths of U.S. Presidents

#10. Bill Clinton | $55 Million


Clinton wasn’t always worth so much money. When he entered office his wife Hilary was the bread-winner of the family who funded his campaign. He is admirable in the sense that he inherited no family fortune. The Clinton’s built their money together. Majority of his money he made after his time in the White House through his books and public speaking. For example, Clinton earned a $15 million advance on his book “My Life” and received $750,000 to speak at one event. He is the only living president in the top 10 with the highest net worths.

#9. Franklin D. Roosevelt | $60 Million


Franklin D. Roosevelt inherited his family’s wealth as well as married into money. His money made it possible for him to own property in Georgia, Maine and New York – including, an 800-acre “Springwood” estate. He wasn’t always smart with his money though – he had to be bailed out of financial difficulties by him mom in 1919.

#8. Herbert Hoover | $75 Million


Hoover was born an orphan and raised by his uncle. He was savvy and found his fortune as a mining company executive. He earned a hefty salary for 17 years. He made enough to afford donating his entire presidential salary to charity. On top of all else, he owned “Hoover House” in California.

#7. Lyndon Johnson | $98 Million


Johnson didn’t come from family money either. His father lost all of their fortune when Johnson was young. Overtime, he bought real estate in Blanco County, Texas – 1,500 acres. People called this the “Texas White House.” Johnson and his wife were quite the power-couple in Texas. They owned a radio and television station in Austin, had livestock and a private aircraft.

#6. James Madison | $101 Million


Madison had always had money. He was the largest landowner in Orange County, Virginia with 5,000 acres. He was also the owner of the  “Montpelier” estate. He made a lot of money while he was secretary of state and then president. Even though he is worth so much, he ended up losing a lot of his money late in life because of the crash of his plantation.

#5. Andrew Jackson | $119 Million


Andrew Jackson became wealthy slowly and without much public attention. He also married into wealth as well as made money during his time in the military. His home, which acted as his home-base really, was on 1,050 acres of land. Throughout his life has owned 300 slaves and like many other presidents, he experienced debt later in life.

#4. Theodore Roosevelt | $125 Million


Roosevelt is a very rich name. His wealthy family left him a very large trust fund. After blowing a lot of his money on a ranching venture he took up writing and worked as an author to pay the bills. One of the reasons why Roosevelt is worth so much  is because of his 235-acre estate on Long Island called “Sagamore Hill.”

#3. Thomas Jefferson | $212 Million


Jefferson was the fortunate recipients of family money and land. His father left 3,000 acres of land and dozens of slaves. His home “Monitcello” situated on 5,000-acre plantation in Virginia is known as an “architectural wonder,” (The Atlantic). He made most of his money before he actually became the president, but the pattern continues and Jefferson struggled with debt later in life.

#2. George Washington | $525 Million


George Washington’s salary was 2 percent of the United State’s budget in 1789. He was incredibly wealthy himself and his wife Martha came from family money. Her father left her a large amount of property. His plantation “Mount Vernon” was on 8,000 acres of farmland, which was cared for by more than 3000 slaves.

#1. John F. Kennedy | $1 Billion


The Kennedy is a world famous name. Even though he didn’t inherit his father’s fortune, he is still worth $1 billion. Not only was Kennedy wealthy, but his wife was an oil heiress who’s father was one of the wealthiest men in the country. Majority of JFK’s money is from shared trust with family.

H/T: The Atlantic

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