10 Most Expensive Car Accidents in History

#10 | Bugatti EB110



A gentleman brought his car in for a check up never expecting the worst. The mechanic took out Emile Ratelband’s car, worth more than half a million dollars, for a test drive when he lost control of the vehicle. The mechanic claimed an oil spill was to blame for his crash into a pole, but Ratelband argues it would have been impossible to crash like that unless the driver was speeding.

#9 | Pagani Zonda c12 S



You would think that the driver of this vehicle would have been extra careful considering only 15 have ever been made. An early morning in Hong Kong led to the death of this exotic car, but don’t worry, the driver was okay.

#8 | Mercesdes Benz SL 300



An SL 300 is considered to be Mercedes’s most classic vehicle. This only enticed its owner to race it. At “La Carrera Panamericana,” the owner crashed this car took it from top-notch to the junkyard.

#7 | Jaguar XJ220

$1 Million


Not only did the owner of this exotic car crash his most prized possession…but he managed to do it infront of all his friend at a gold course. The car that was once the fastest production car in history became space-filler in the driveway.

#6 | McLaren F1

$1.25 Million


Maybe Mr. Bean is all fun and games after-all. Actor Rowan Atkinson crashed his McLaren F1, which can go more than 240 MPH in 3.2 seconds. Also, it’s no secret that this isn’t Atkinson’s first exotic car crash (he has also crashed his Aston Martin), but it’s his most expensive one.

#5 | Ferrari Enzo

$1.3 Million


Someone was having a little too much fun in Malibu in 2005. At 196 MPH, “Fat Steven” Eriksson lost control of the vehicle and manage to, essentially, split the car in half. There has been other reported accidents in this vehicle, but the drivers have always walked away unharmed.

#4 | Bugatti Veyron

$1.6 Million


According to Wreck Exotics, the Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive production car in history. There have only been 300 made and two have already been ruined in accidents. Driving 100 mph in the rain, the drivers crashed this car after only having is for a week.

#3 | 1959 Ferrari 250 GT TDF

$1.65 Million


Newer doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. This car crash involved a very rare and classic vehicle – the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT TDF. We suppose it is too tempting of a vehicle to  leave a home, so instead, why not race it on the track? Well, like with many race cars, the driver accidentally crashed this unique car into the wall at the Shell Ferrari-Maserati Historic Challenge in 2003.

#2 | Ferrari 250 GT Spyder

$10 Million


Mother nature can be a cruel b*tch. Talk about the worst of luck…this vehicle was purchased at an auction and then stored near a Californian beach. The car was absolutely destroyed by an unanticipated hurricane.

#1 | Ferrari 250 GTO

$28.5 Million


The most heart-wrenching accident of all, costing more than all others… the 1962-64 Ferrari 250 GTO is considered the most valuable car in the world. Someone purchased the car at auction for almost $30 million. The proud owner was leaving a car show when he rammed his car into the back of another when traffic unexpectedly slowed down.

 H/T: Wrecked Exotics

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